Wet/dry: MonkeyStrips 10cm (Squeegee felt) Orange


Give your squeegee felt yourself, we sell the original squeegee felt. (MonkeyStrips)

Thanks to the special adhesive edge of the felt, you can easily remove the felt from your doctor blade.
There will be no line residue on your eraser while removing the felt, so you can quickly mount new felt on your eraser.

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MonkeyStrips orinigal felt, make you squeegee personal: those your collor!

Nowadays you pay for a ready-made squeegee, in practice you are a lot more expensive and you are limited in the number of meters you can squeegee, you change the felt regularly and you always get the desired result. You can contact us for wiper and felt, so that you keep the consumption costs low.

Due to the flexibility of the felt, you can easily get into the corners and edges, the low friction slides easily over the foil without scratches.

New: the felt can be used for both dry and wet applications.
The renewed adhesive edge makes the felt suitable for both dry and wet work.

Low friction on the surface
Optimal contact with the foil
Does not leave adhesive residue
Can be used wet
Suitable for all common doctor blades

Width 25 mm
Length 100 mm
Material Felt
Suitable for standard doctor blades: yes
Suitable for wrapping in car: yes
Wet surface: yes

MonkeyStrips 10cm (Squeegee felt) Orange orinigal felt

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